Concert am 8. Januar in Beijing


1000 kisses to SAFEI

materie & akash

Come People Come in this first Easy-Flow Event in 2011!

„World Music – Walter AASF & Friends
Austria experimental musicians, Walter AASF & Sebastian will cooperate with Chinese musicians, Liang Jun, Zhu Jie & Ubuli. They will bring unique world music. Walter AASF plays Indian traditional instrument, Sitar; Sebastian plays HANG (an Switzerland percussion). Liang Jun, Soprano Saxophone; Ubuli, djembe (an African percussion) and Zhu Jie accompany on the Chinese zither.
Sitar: Walter AASF
HANG/ Percussion: Sebastian
Soprano Saxophone: Liang Jun
Djembe/Percussion: Ubuli
Chinese Zither: Zhu Jie“

See details on

for those knowledgable in Chinese language:

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