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Gong fu Step — Flowing monks band


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Beautiful moments in Bö – Tibet བོད་

in the train to Lhasa

prayer flags in the wind

Om mani pad me hum !

a beautiful day – Potala palace

buddhist paintings

with friends  “ fei xing de dao gu men “

a nice way to cook water here

around Jokhang temple with friends

a swastika  in my spinach soup

Gao jie & painter Yu Jia

wanna buy some tibetan medicine?

Dai xi & Yuan Yuan from CCTV

a famous hot springs village

at the entrance of a hotel …

inside & outside

my friend Suolang

welcome … welcome …

monks at their practise

is this a „flow easy“ community?

at the bridge of Lhasa river…

beautiful jokhang square

first visit of Potala palace

electrical buddha

why am i so happy every day? … why not !

Goodbye beloved Lhasa …

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On CCTV, in Tibet

Austrian musician: From the Alps to the Himalayas

Here my report on the English CCTV channel:
Tibet is a land of magnificent landscape and unique culture. Many people across the world come here to pursue their dreams of Tibet. They are from different countries, with different backgrounds and different goals. Today we have the story of Walter AASF, a musician from Austria who now lives in Lhasa.

He grew up in the Alps, but his life now is about Tibet. Walter, this young man has been to Tibet three times since 1999. Studying eastern culture at college, Walter’s dream was always to come to the East, especially Tibet. For him, Tibet reminds him of his own mountain upbringing.

Walter, an Austrian musician said, „Tibet is a land of heaven, Lhasa has many snowy mountains, just like my hometown in the Alps of Austria. “

Walter  loves to share his stories of Tibet. Back in 1999, he took a van from Qinghai to Tibet, the arduous journey took two days. He says it’s the mysterious Tibetan culture that continues to drive him here.

Walter said,“I am extremely fascinated by ancient cultures. I want to come here to learn more about Tibetan culture. You can find everything from the West, particularly the US everywhere else like Austria, Beijing or Shanghai. I come to Tibet for its indigenous culture.“

He wrote a song called „Gao Gao Gao“ which means „High,High,High“. He says the song was written for his beloved Tibet. He hopes someone can translate it into Tibetan.

Life is Tibet is about music and travelling for Walter. He loves visiting Tibetan folk artists in the city of Lhasa to search for indigenous Tibetan art. He loves playing instruments, and he is a fine singer.

Walter said, „My dream is to unite the world with music.“

A young man from the Alps, now pursing his dream in the Himalayas. Walter  loves his life here in Tibet, and his music seems to embody that very sentiment.

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Peace in the monastary…

… every days sunset … every day a new peace!

Dong lin monastary in Lu Shan in Jiangxi province

Buddist Master Hai Yun from Taiwan came for a visit… a happy day!

… inside the monastary

Tiecheng a chinese  Beatnick came to visit me

… its good to be with my friends:

moments in your life:

Buddham saranam gacchami. Dhammam saranam gacchami. Sangham saranam gacchami.

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