CROSSOVER 2013 … a new start

2013 … was a very active year,  there are thousands of fotos from 2013 on my hard drive … just wordpress is since 2011 blocked in China ,  and I was mostly there . So I did not continue here & I started to publish on the Chinese Weibo and We- Chat … all people use it there … China is a very big nation ( 1300 millon people or more )  , but still  Westerners  or people from  other Asian countries are not registered on such platforms,  so no one access to my info I put on Web …

But lets celebrate now  “ Easy Flow – Flow Easy “  is going to continue &   it will be great !

Traveler Digital Camera

Where ever I was ,  I spread a good spirit & tried to make people around me happy !   Music made it  possible  …  it`s magical !

Nature inspired me all the time … I spent a lot of time there and did my practises …

Traveler Digital Camera

I continued to play concerts in different towns,  different projects and   musical cooperations …

Traveler Digital Camera

 It was always a little bit  “ mysterious “ …

Traveler Digital Camera

I used to drink a lot of tea ( mostly Pu er tee, but also Indian chay )  & burn  my incense … Shanti, shanti,  OM  SHANTI   *

Traveler Digital Camera

“ GURU “ Guru  Exchange … listen that name simply make you feel better ! 

Traveler Digital Camera

 In temples I could always forget for a while … / …  better we forget sometimes who we are /  we can be something new & something more  …  the future is in our hands  !

Traveler Digital Camera

 Special people always  around me …

 Traveler Digital Camera

 Explore local dishes … chinese new year …

 Traveler Digital Camera

 Sometimes I ran into some new girls …

 but nature and fresh air in the Himalayas was more important anyway …

 Traveler Digital Camera

 Sometimes it felt  like  “  in a dream “  …

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