Seven Kinds of GENEROSITY …




1. Generosity with eyes –   look at someone with gentle eyes.

2. Generosity of a harmonious face –   smile with a gentle hearted face.

3. Generosity with words –   speak kind words.

4. Generosity with body –   work with sincere attitude.

5. Generosity with heart –   have deep concern for others.

6. Generosity with giving your seat  –   giving your seat to elders.

7. Generosity with hospitality –   welcome people with a warm heart.


Can we be generous  ?    the run for money & the lack of  time   …  makes people forget so much ! Makes them behave like idiots,  sometimes even makes them forget who they are … SERIOUSLY !

The good news:   Its not all about money …  we still can be generous  *

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