East & West  NEW Years concert in Guangzhou / China …

mmexport1387610178619 mmexport1388150049556 mmexport1388170966839Chinese Spring Festival Event  in Guangzhou :


with my musician friends Krys , Pierre 



Performing at Tai Ku Hui / Guangzhou … with Guzheng Player Miss Yu  :


Subway yoga in Guangzhou after the concert …

Camera 360


Camera 360

After my Gigs in Guangzhou I straight went to Bangkok and then to North Thailand to meet Mr. Jiang Liang / Reggae  Dub Producer & DJ  from China … we had nice days & I was playing a bit there too :


 Outdoor  Community Spirit :




…  had lovely days in Chang Mai  & met a lot “ strange “ people with funny ideas …


Also teached Jiang Liang a bit of  Sitar playing :


After Jiang left back with his Mum & Dad to China / Guangxi … my friends from Austria straight arrived and we traveled from North Thailand to Luang Praphang in Laos … great time again …


Josef & Tamara … Josef ís a writer and philosopher , Tamara ís a musician who plays the Viola … she just straight picked up my Sitar and played a bit for me :




Have you ever tried Lemon Grass Shots ?  … It tastes amazing  & is good for your health …



Josef is a “ rising “ Author from South Austria / Kaernten , living in Vienna 



tải xuống

After Luang Praphang I went alone down to Ventiene , while Joe and Tamara moved on towards Yunnan in China … again great time again , lovely people and good days …


After Vientiane/ Laos  I headed down to Bangkok and i bombed into an old friend from China which i did not expect … Sapphire  … she is a great belly dancer and we went to Kau san ( crazy center of Bangkok ) and we did for fun some street art … people loved it …




After some nice days in Bangkok I made my way back to China … went from Bangkok to Hong Kong , its a very crowded High speed business town, but there is some nice corners there too … specially all the islands around HK … you better check it out yourself …


But anyway i am gonna pray we not blowing “ Mother earth “ in the future … what we gonna do if all will be only concrete, plastic, containers with products we don’t really need, polluted air & dirty water we should not drink anymore … i am gonna pray !


Some mantra’s  & “ Om mani padme hum “  could be good  … ( but how I am gonna not pollute ? I am sitting too in airplanes , I am wasting plastic too … but at least, I can keep it in mind make it as low as possible – MINIMALISM … that’s the only solution – sustainable living … )

So after HK I went straight to Shenzhen, it’s just another crazy town across the border near Hong Kong where i met Josef Kleindienst again, we  had a nice coffee in a 5 star hotel for around 8 euro per cup …

After few days in Shenzhen Guangzhou was my next choice … I went to Krys my polish friend there, he has a nice home studio, where we practise a lot in the past and also did some recording work … you believe: I started to play the bass when i was making music with him … bass is an amazing instrument too … specially when it comes to funk music .


 So that‘ s march 2014 … after that i went to Chengdu, then to Kunming, then again to Bangkok to spend “ Songkram “ – Water Spring Festival there … almost 4 weeks in this crowded … then back to Kunming and  …

( sorry still working on this 2014 crossover … i need more time … )

and I straight took the train up to Lijiang in the mountains, its an amazing small town at an altitude of 2400 meter, and it’s in Yunnan province / my “ 2nd Carinthia  “ i really love it there … spend many times there …


In Lijiang they having 2 times a year the “ COART  Art Festival “ , artists from all over China and overseas gather there and we had a lot of good moments and inspiring meetings there …


This time also my Russian friend DJ Piotr performed with his new band there ( I did the first track of my “ it’s all alive “ Cd with him … that was in Winter 2012 and we did some nice shows in Lijiang and then later in Kunming with some other musicians together )

Peter ( Piotr) is a kind of “ Modern Sadhu “ who also practise fire dance and mostly runs around without shoes and so on  … fun too …



So by now is April 2014 … a lot of more stuff was happening in that year … i will post it in the coming days … cheers ! *

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