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INDIA … amazing India



It was the  5 th time that I arrived in India , I had been before in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong , Cambodia … had a great time in every place … but when I entered India, I immediatly felt at “ Home „. It started when just arrived at Mumbai Airport at 1:30 in the night, I decided to go to the tea shop and have there a Masala Chai. I came only with Usd and no single Rupee in my pocket , it took one minute and I was straight invited by an Indian. The place was in Airport area , but outdoor with chairs and tables, took out my Amplifier and my Guitar and jammed over some Electronic tracks from Younger Brothers . After some time a group of airport securities came and the sat down next table. I went down with my volume immediatly, but to my astonihment the gave me hand sign I should go up with the volumne and continue to play … it something around 2:30 in the morning …

made me simply happy , home again !






Airport after Midnight Jam …




Street Art in Colaba District in Mumbai …




A galerie exhibition …




Sugar Cane Juice is really refreshing !



Everywhere cows ,  mata India  *



Tagetti (german name ) flowers ,  speacially for religious festivals they use it everywhere as decoration or as malas .




Around  gateway of India , in Colaba …


Flowers and Sai Baba …



We should work for it :    Heaven on earth ,  OM




Finally after 10 days in Mumbai my friends Rower and Tiffany arrived from Peking … ready to leave for Goa ,  be in a nature paradise at the sea …



Train to Goa




 … beautiful one day journey from Mumbai to Goa




ARAMBOL  in the sun !    Welcome to nature paradise …




Something about life spirit there … Boom !




at Arambol beach ,  feel  Happiness




view from the Hotel roof




rehearsing music in my new private room



Indian Classical …





„Mr. Lotus Garden „,  producer from Peking   &  his wife Tiffany,   … we came together to Arambol to make music .




Wonderful  sunsets  , every day we where blessed




YUMMY  Thali …  indian food is so tasty !




DIWALI  ,  Festival of Light




Sitars &   Tampura




At the beach …




In front of the restaurant …




„Sri Ram , Jai Ram“   written on the ground in front of the restaurant


often hang out in this Garden Cafe of Vailankani hotel




Joyti Ram, Tetouze and Olga perform at the beach …

Peace  after sunset …




Arambol beach drum cyrcle,  every day !   …




structure ,  seems some insects where active




is like a meditation …




be … just be … in a happy way



Morning tee on the balcony of my house … I love green Pu er  tea




my neighbour kids ,  … they often asked me if I have sweets when I passed by ,  hehe




Catholic church in Arambol … most of the locals in Goa are christians




Maria & Jesus



I like the coconut trees there … nature is divine



JESUS  … found this on a car there


passed by the school every day,  on my way to my breakfast




Visited my friends Anand and Akasha and their kids at  Vedic valley … their own retreat place



Sri Ganesh there too …




Om namo Shivaya  !




Frangipani flowers … love them … smell soo nice !


A friend of mine Attila Manju wrote a song called  “ Frangipani “  ,  is something about Arambol spirit:





With friends sitting at the beach ,  have a glas of wine and enjoy sunset !




Having a coffee with  paratha with curd ,  pickels …



My Sitar maker Altaf Mulla and his dad came to Arambol from a neighbour state and we had first talks on my fusion Sitar ,  that I ordered from this company




went to ASH club




A painting there …




Morning tea and writing session at my balcony …   listening to the songs of the birds in the jungle




writing  …



my room …




Nice reaggae parties  …




and this is  me  …




Hardly could find good quality music instruments in Arambols shops …




Somewhere on a wall …



Yoga, Dance and Shiatsu courses in “ town “  …




My last CD   “ New World Sounds “ …




Cow is coming to Mohans  tea shop … spending lovely time there every day !




Twice in nature muisc club,  stage …




with Sam and his girlfriend …   a great guitar player


Often  jammed with Mia ,  she is a good guitar player and a producer too



Everywhere  banyan trees …




My friend Prashant  , who is a iT company boss , I teached him in his holidays here often guitar and we had a nice hang out at concerts together …


Coconut  Reaggae , Jungle Rastafari …





Very big cow bull , they lovely,  but  I had once on a early morning on my way to the beach betweens the coconut trees  a bull who broke out and gone crazy running behind me  … Uuuuuuh  …



A friends new ordered Sitar from instrument maker town Miraj in Maharastra state …



He he ,  Ganesh !


Oh dear  Nico  !   poet  ,  world traveller  and master of  “ celebration “ …




Yes ,  oh yeah !



With  Binx  and Sathie  …  my  lovely indian homies !




We started to play together ,  something like this …




love is everywhere …


best caugh medicine in Goa …




A moment …



around new years eve …




Binx  and  Athur from south tyrol  ,  who became a good friend too …




Came to the concert too …




at the beach …




Happy brows …  soo happy





Binx and our swedish friends …





My  Indian  friends …





One  painted something in his hand and said thats me … hehe





Jamming in the Garden …





nice …





does it looks Chinese … ?




Beach life in Arambol …





Smoke in my window …





At new years eve we played there …










“ BINX “ … did also a psy- trance DJ set  … Lucy in the sky with diamonds … was a crazy night …





teached them how to count up to 31 with one hand … they had fun with it ,  good evening Korea





I liked the reggae parties there …





Oh la la …




meditate and breath …




Sunset  … thanks for this moment !




found this book  in OM shanti cafe … where i liked to drink tee and having chill moments with my friends





OM Shanti Cafe …




dear russian friends ,  thanks for your present  … I liked it !





A long long party night , that ended up in the morning at the fire at the beach …




who is that again ?



beach life is soo good … specially when there is winter in europe , and here every day feels like summer




Finally left Goa for a few days and went to to Miraj town in Maharastra state to get my new Sitar i ordered there …




Father and son run the business there together




checking out the sound …





Paco , a french Sitar player was there to , he said my instrument has an amazing sound … was soo happy in that moment ,  almost cried  …





Some of the greatest masters in indian classical music … in front of a music shop in miraj town




Oh  HOLY COW  !  I got my new fusion sitar and met this wonderful Cow in Miraj … just before I left town



Back in Arambol with my new fusion Sitar … finally !   was soo happy … after having almost 3 month no Sitar with me !


Warm up again ,  feels so good !




In the garden of Hotel Vailankani  … spend many hours there with having coffees and meet friends there,  jamming music or having some food … beautiful atmosphere !


In these days I first time met the Austrian Lion Heart … we became real friends and finally made a band with Binx my indian homie and him together  !




Hotel Vailankanni



here we are …



At  Om Shanti Cafe …


Smile  …



one more time !




finally I run into Attila Manjus concert with  Kate on drums & Will Soloman on percussions and Goa Elvis on e-guitar , a psychodelic rock experience …


sounded a little bit like this:


Rock & Roll …

or like this :





Goa map



Arambol  jungle




performing at Om Sita  with Lion heart and Binx …




Party …  hanging out with Lion & Binx




At the fire …




Binx smile …



Study some rhytms , TALAs



suddenly a american tabla student appeared at one of the concert ,  and Daisy arrived from China



Lion heart and brother Colton “ Coltrane „



practise music together … Varun is a mouth drum player …




a lots of variations …



At our concerts back stage …




Colton & Shanti … hang out backstage




played in Oshoanic with lion




suddenly the snake was in our garden …




like this colors




some tabla rhytms … nice for speaking



one day when I came home in the night,  this star suddenly hang on my sitar bag … probably I passed a christmas tree somewhere … surprise




gave her the mic at our concert … she was so into it that she not wanted to stop anymore




Bum Baba Binx …




walking in the Jungle …




afternoon  at Om shanti cafe …






He he …




Dancing Shiva




At Anjuna … night market concert & fire dance




Cloud jam band played there … sounds a bit like this:






Papaya tree … I ate a lot of fruits in Goa ,   sometimes I had 8 differents kinds …




My favourite place in Arambol to calm down and practise Sitar , after I found this place I went there every day early morning … really peaceful




At the temple …





Ahoo  !




At  “ OM  Sita “ at the beach ,  we often played there with Cosmic Gypsies band ,  had nice evenings there and a lot of friends who came there too , to celebrate with us …






Jason , his Gf ,  Nyree & Ava




Lion heart  and indian friends & cat




Jason played some Songs




Cornelius my german oboe player friend came over from China / Guangzhou symphonie orchestra to have a holiday break … Walter another Austria Sitar player also passed by to have a balcony hang out .




around sunset time …




Lion & Ava     at Mohans chai shop corner   “ Arambol cinema „




morning practise at the temple …




philosophical  talks in the morning …



Babu sometimes came over to visit me in the morning at the temple … often we listened Nikhil Banerjees recordings together …




Athur was often there too with his bansuri



Like this flyer





events over events …


Jason is happy with my guitar …


Cosmic Gypsies band …



with Lion & Nyree in the beach restaurant



flyer for performance in Oshoanic … got a nice recording from this concert on my phone …




walking  at the beach …




with  Arup a fine tabla player from Kolkata at the temple …




with Daisy in Lions hut at sweet water lake




Shanti & her dauther selling dream catchers at the Arambol beach market … they came so often to our concerts … I thought for a long time they are two girlfriends … hehe



Our new neighbours  !   When I moved with Lion ,  Nyree and Colton we often hang out with them … such a good time !  Blessing  *




Good Morning  Attila  !     OM  namo  *


Morning  with Lion ,  Anoushka und Attila at Outback coffee , near sweet water lake



Madlene ,  I am your fan   …  smile  …




Nyree at   festival of colours morning …




Happy  “ Holi “  …




Atti  played a bit on my Sitar and told me that he was for one year with a sitar master together and learned a bit from him




Arambol  beach at the rocks … way to sweet water lake



Love is All  ,  is all …




friends came over from Mumbai …




He is such a good singer … hindustani classical style …  he often called me and sang some Ragas for me on the phone … beautiful India …




Attila & band at “ Garden of dreams “  … one of my favorite concerts in whole Arambol “ journey “  … was great ,   I recorded it …  at Easter Sunday …








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THINK for yourself – Think about this …

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East & West  NEW Years concert in Guangzhou / China …

mmexport1387610178619 mmexport1388150049556 mmexport1388170966839Chinese Spring Festival Event  in Guangzhou :


with my musician friends Krys , Pierre 



Performing at Tai Ku Hui / Guangzhou … with Guzheng Player Miss Yu  :


Subway yoga in Guangzhou after the concert …

Camera 360


Camera 360

After my Gigs in Guangzhou I straight went to Bangkok and then to North Thailand to meet Mr. Jiang Liang / Reggae  Dub Producer & DJ  from China … we had nice days & I was playing a bit there too :


 Outdoor  Community Spirit :




…  had lovely days in Chang Mai  & met a lot “ strange “ people with funny ideas …


Also teached Jiang Liang a bit of  Sitar playing :


After Jiang left back with his Mum & Dad to China / Guangxi … my friends from Austria straight arrived and we traveled from North Thailand to Luang Praphang in Laos … great time again …


Josef & Tamara … Josef ís a writer and philosopher , Tamara ís a musician who plays the Viola … she just straight picked up my Sitar and played a bit for me :




Have you ever tried Lemon Grass Shots ?  … It tastes amazing  & is good for your health …



Josef is a “ rising “ Author from South Austria / Kaernten , living in Vienna 



tải xuống

After Luang Praphang I went alone down to Ventiene , while Joe and Tamara moved on towards Yunnan in China … again great time again , lovely people and good days …


After Vientiane/ Laos  I headed down to Bangkok and i bombed into an old friend from China which i did not expect … Sapphire  … she is a great belly dancer and we went to Kau san ( crazy center of Bangkok ) and we did for fun some street art … people loved it …




After some nice days in Bangkok I made my way back to China … went from Bangkok to Hong Kong , its a very crowded High speed business town, but there is some nice corners there too … specially all the islands around HK … you better check it out yourself …


But anyway i am gonna pray we not blowing “ Mother earth “ in the future … what we gonna do if all will be only concrete, plastic, containers with products we don’t really need, polluted air & dirty water we should not drink anymore … i am gonna pray !


Some mantra’s  & “ Om mani padme hum “  could be good  … ( but how I am gonna not pollute ? I am sitting too in airplanes , I am wasting plastic too … but at least, I can keep it in mind make it as low as possible – MINIMALISM … that’s the only solution – sustainable living … )

So after HK I went straight to Shenzhen, it’s just another crazy town across the border near Hong Kong where i met Josef Kleindienst again, we  had a nice coffee in a 5 star hotel for around 8 euro per cup …

After few days in Shenzhen Guangzhou was my next choice … I went to Krys my polish friend there, he has a nice home studio, where we practise a lot in the past and also did some recording work … you believe: I started to play the bass when i was making music with him … bass is an amazing instrument too … specially when it comes to funk music .


 So that‘ s march 2014 … after that i went to Chengdu, then to Kunming, then again to Bangkok to spend “ Songkram “ – Water Spring Festival there … almost 4 weeks in this crowded … then back to Kunming and  …

( sorry still working on this 2014 crossover … i need more time … )

and I straight took the train up to Lijiang in the mountains, its an amazing small town at an altitude of 2400 meter, and it’s in Yunnan province / my “ 2nd Carinthia  “ i really love it there … spend many times there …


In Lijiang they having 2 times a year the “ COART  Art Festival “ , artists from all over China and overseas gather there and we had a lot of good moments and inspiring meetings there …


This time also my Russian friend DJ Piotr performed with his new band there ( I did the first track of my “ it’s all alive “ Cd with him … that was in Winter 2012 and we did some nice shows in Lijiang and then later in Kunming with some other musicians together )

Peter ( Piotr) is a kind of “ Modern Sadhu “ who also practise fire dance and mostly runs around without shoes and so on  … fun too …



So by now is April 2014 … a lot of more stuff was happening in that year … i will post it in the coming days … cheers ! *

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it’s all alive …


My new CD that i released in end of 2013 …  

The CD is a crossover of my journeys between different geographical areas . I worked this music out with different musicians and DJ’s in Austria and China in the last few years. 

There is only two things in “  Water ’s  “ (  they call me so in China ) world that is unimpossible not to have:  Music & Nature –  It’s the highest peak of beauty & deepest point of inspriaton in my life … Further I am a vegetarian since many years, it made me a healthier & happier being …

Special Thanks to:

DJ Piotr ( Peter ) from Russia – based in Yunnan,  Thomas Dupond from france- based in Guangzhou / China,  Ma Jie  from China based in San Francisco / USA , DJ Markus Hollenstein from Austria/ Vienna,  Li Dai Guo (USA) – based in Yunnan , Krys Stenzel ( Polland ) – based in Guangzhou/ China,  Angela Stummer  ( Austria/ Vienna ) , DJ Jiang Liang from  China – based in Yangshuo/ Guangxi ,  Sebastian Haidutschek  ( Austria ) ,  Yan Yan Leung ( designer of my CD cover )



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Reggae Dub in Yünnan , Tour with 3 Step band 2009

that days …









6 Lahu Tracht & Bambi von Walt Disney






















































































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An Austrian in China … im orientalischen Blütenstaub

My friend Prof. Karel Dudesek founder of ASAP ( Austrian Sino Art Project ) wrote in his book

Left and Right Flyer

on page 240 following about me  :

Water , aka Waltaji , aka “ Flowing Monk “ ( Fei xing de he shang 飞行的和尚 ) is a   „FLOW EASY“ promotor who seems to be always have been in China through with the years of experiences in India. He was baptized by unaccounted numbers of Gurus, has frequent appearences at CCTV as Austrian Star, is a SITAR Ambassador and on constant tour in China between Blues, Jazz, Ethno, Fusion and Retro. A vegetarian and a healty food professional. He play with easy tunes where ever he is asked to/ loves music / nature and travelling … To the editors it feels that he always does the right think and is where we all want to be- SOURROUNDED BY BEAUTY.

ASAP ( Austrian Sino Arts Program )
( Ao di li Zhong guo Yi shu xiang mu  奥地利中国艺术项目 )

Traveler Digital Camera

Yeah , thanks Karel ,  that was a nice one !  …  But there is ANOTHER  one *

Some years before my friend  Josef Winkler  wrote this to me:  ( He is a famous writer )

Lieber Herr Dr. Walter!

Das ist mir nicht recht, daß du irgendwann einmal den Osten verlassen und wieder nach Wien zurückkehren wirst in die mitteleuropäische Langeweile, denn ein Besuch steht von mir noch aus, aber tatsächlich bin ich so sehr eingespannt momentan, so daß ich nicht einmal dran denken kann, wegzufahren, außerdem haben wir Ende Oktober ein Mexiko-Projekt vor, aber davon erzähle ich dir ein anderes mal. Sag einmal, wo wurde denn dieses Foto gemacht, in Indien, in Varanasi? Warst du auch bei Shashank Singh? Und wenn, was sagt er, was redet er oder redet er gar nichts mehr. Ich sitze jetzt Tag für Tag an meinem neuen Büchlein, das „Roppongi“ heißen wird. Nach Ostern muß ich es mehr oder weniger abgeschlossen haben. Kamering wird sich freuen.

Stell dir vor, was wäre aus dir geworden, wenn wir dich nicht direkt und indirekt nach Indien mitverschleppt hätten, vielleicht ein gut verdienender Manager, aber du weißt, Walter, das ist nicht unser Leben, denn dann müßten wir, wie so viele, als Schatten oder als mit Geldscheinen ausgestopfte Hülle neben uns stehen, ich neben mir, du neben dir und im unsichtbaren Gleichschritt müßten wir, ich mit mir, du mit dir, nebeneinander hergehen als seelenlose Wesen, aber wir haben uns entschlossen lieber in den orientalischen Blütenkörben zu wühlen und dort aus dem Vollen zu schöpfen und uns mit Blütenstaub zu überschütten…

Also Walter, bleib fröhlich und erzähle mir etwas von Varanasi.  Es grüßt dich sehr herzlich der Enzn Seppl.

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Seven Kinds of GENEROSITY …




1. Generosity with eyes –   look at someone with gentle eyes.

2. Generosity of a harmonious face –   smile with a gentle hearted face.

3. Generosity with words –   speak kind words.

4. Generosity with body –   work with sincere attitude.

5. Generosity with heart –   have deep concern for others.

6. Generosity with giving your seat  –   giving your seat to elders.

7. Generosity with hospitality –   welcome people with a warm heart.


Can we be generous  ?    the run for money & the lack of  time   …  makes people forget so much ! Makes them behave like idiots,  sometimes even makes them forget who they are … SERIOUSLY !

The good news:   Its not all about money …  we still can be generous  *

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Waltaji`s … 2012 Crossover PICs …

24 World Music Festival in Beijing ... & with austrian folk musicians ....

World Music Festival in Beijing … ( Festival der Kulturen ) … with austrian folk musicians …. I performed with the Indian music ensemble from Indian embassy there …

21 Lets cherish WATER

Lets cherish “ WATER “  …

MOVING is my life … all this music connections… Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan … the free spirits may gow & flow !

… Water is moving !

16 Sarasavati , i pray to you every day

SARASVATI … the God of Music  , I pray to you every day …

22 mit DJ Jiang Liang ... Happy memories from Yangshuo ! YAHMAN

Mit DJ Jiang Liang … ( a flowing monks´s club member)  & famous Reggae Dub DJ from China …  Happy memories from Yangshuo ! … Sebastian was also there with his „Hang“ Percussion … YAHMAN !

23 ... this is the valley i grow up !!! .... in Austria, Carinthia

Drautal in Kärnten ! … this is the valley i grow up !!! …. in Austria, Carinthia – Distanz macht Schönheit ! ( sagt ein altes chinesisches Sprichwort … ) … the Drautal is my future place … ! … SPACE !

13 on Beijing TV ... world famous DJ Peter Kruder came to Beijing... I play some Sitar & talking on music there...

On Beijing TV … world famous DJ Peter Kruder came to Beijing… I play some Sitar & talking on music there… was fun to met him … !

28 Music is my revolution ! Harmony should be all over the world ! ... Flowing monk, bei DJ Jiang Liang Rastafari in Yangshuo

Music is my revolution ! Harmony should be all over the world ! …

20 Summertime in Beijing in 798 Art District

Summertime in Peking (Beijing)  in 798 Art District

35 Tibetan Prayer flags in Lijiang

Tibetan Prayer flags in Lijiang/ Yünnan Province … High up in the Himalayas !

26 Performing in Qing Dao, Shandong province  ... I love sea side & nature here ! Beautiful ...

Performing in Qing Dao, Shandong province  … I love sea side & nature here ! Beautiful … Cooperate Gig at “ Audi “ … a money- music- car prostitute job … anyway: we made good money & had fun!

30 World Music Fusion Night in KUNMING  with Singer A- Mei & YMalaY Jazz

World Music Fusion Night in KUNMING  with Singer A- Mei & YMalaY Jazz

32 Water & YMalaY Jazz ... in Camel Bar in Kunming ...

 Water & YMalaY Jazz … in Camel Bar in Kunming …

35 left and right

ASAP ( Austro Sino Art Projekt ) … in Peking … meine österreichischen Freunde … Sir Karel … Lukas … ( Karel belongs to Minus Delta T Actionist Group – check on Wiki …) 

29, 798 in Bei jing ... is nice to be there & meet some cool people ...

Marschieren in Peking … in 798 Art District …

42 Sunshine in my mind

Sunshine on my mind !

39 Krautrock aus den 70 er nKrautrock … 11 Tangerine Dream- Ossiach Lake 1971 … it connects well to Carinthia … Country of the blessed … we are bless by nature & beauty !

19 JOURNEY of Harmony Concert in Shanghai II JOURNEY of Harmony Concert in Shanghai I

JOURNEY of Harmony Concert in Shanghai , at 1 day  of Spring 2012

27 Journey of Harmony Spiritual World Music Group 和之旅世界心灵音乐团 ... cooperation in Shanghai ...

Journey of Harmony Spiritual World Music Group 和之旅世界心灵音乐团 … cooperation in Shanghai … i have god story about it … i might tell you one day!

Life in Austrian Alps is great ... in my home valley

Life in Austrian Alps is great … in my home valley … Kamerun in Carinthia …

With Pandit Khesav & Liu Yao in Beijing ... excellent musicians ...

With my music Guruji (master)  Pandit Khesav & Liu Yao in Beijing … excellent musicians …

SHIVA ... in Shanghai ....

SHIVA in Shanghai ….

43 Performance in Camel Bar in Kunming

Performance in Camel Bar in Kunming / Yunnan province … (Pita came without shoes crossing chinese border) … he is a guy !  

38 Joseph Rock in Lijiang

The  famous Austrian Joseph Rock in Lijiang … check out who he was ! …

33 Opening of Guangzhou Triennale

Opening of Guangzhou Triennale … in Guangdong province , near Hongkong

36 Diwali Diwali

Diwali Diwali … Happy Divali … the festival of light !

40 In Dali mit meinen Freunden ...

In Dali / Yunnan with my friends … we had a great party there … i cooked around 15 liter in Indian Chai & performed the Sitar at the event …

41 Performance in Mask Bar in Kunming

Performance in Mask Bar in Kunming … that was a great night ! … I enjoyed it so much to play there … after it we did a DJ set and Piotr from Russian … i played a funky guitar & and made the crowd dancing … was a kind of 3 hour concert …

25 Liang zi , my chinese soul brother died

I pray to the Lotous insight me !

I had read in a book called “ Modern Leadership Straegies – from Ancient Chinese Wisdom “ : …

We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It´s not just in some of us ; it´s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. “ …

sunshine for all you brothers & sista´s

Sunshine for all you brothers & sista´s …

17 Am Dach ... wo es a guante sonne hat

Om Dach … do hots  a guante sunn … OM

14 woltie in chongqing ...

Woltie in Chongqing town / in Chongqing province  … why it always happen to me ?

15 unterwes in chong qing , close sichuan province

Unterwegs in Chong Qing , close Sichuan province … it was a crazy 2 weeks photo shooting trip with my austrian/ carinthian long time buddy “ SEPPE “ … remember his name well !

37 Sitting Bull ...

Sitting Bull … we should learn from him !

34 openening show of  INSIGHT club in Guangzhou, with DJ Andy and Singer Tank

Openening show of  INSIGHT club in Guangzhou, with DJ Andy and Singer Tank … that was a nice playing too …

42 Sunshine in my mind

31 My honored indian music Guruji Pandit Khesav Talegaonker & Nepales Musician Hari sheestra

My honored Indian  Guruji Pandit Khesav Talegaonker & Nepalese -Hong Kong based Musician Hari Sheestra… at Indian embassy in Peking …


 … All is One – One is All …

Buddham saranam gacchami

Dhammam saranam gacchami 

Sangham saranam gacchami

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“ Becoming Wine “ – Persian – Austrian & Chinese music cooperatio

Words can create beauty. The magic of words and poetry is beyond explanation.
All the languages have the unique beauty and Persian language is not exceptional.
This short movie appreciates how melodious words can provide a powerful positive feeling.

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Chinese New Year 2012 – Crossover

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