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Gong fu Step — Flowing monks band

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Space between – Guitar & Pipa

MUSIC is a journey to our inner spaces,it is a cosmic journey…to be a medium of the free spirits and find back the way of ritualistic expression and the power of nature… (Walter, AASF)

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What is next step? … The GONGFU step !

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Walter AASF & Li Dai Guo 中印世界音乐成都

All people who love ancient chinese culture should go to Chengdu,
its a wonderful place . I performed there with Li Dai Guo:

Some more Impressions on Chengdu from
Zhang Yimou’s Film Chengdu:

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World Music Fusion in 798 Beijing

798 Space is a new rising, avant-garde and trendy space that hosts high-level cultural, artistic and commercial activities.

Located in Dashanzi Art District (original 798 Factory), the heart of a growing art and culture community in Beijing, 798 Space is the center and the biggest space that provide cultural, artistic and commercial activities in the area.

It was designed by the East German’s architects in the Bauhaus style in the early 1950’s. Through the reconstruction and redesigning with the contemporary aesthetics by artists, the space combines the past, present, and future of the „New China“ and the unique meaning of the socialistic culture.

World Music Fusion in 798:

Interview in Chinese with Walter AASF in 798 Peking (Beijing)

Weitere Impressionen:

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