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it’s all alive …


My new CD that i released in end of 2013 …  

The CD is a crossover of my journeys between different geographical areas . I worked this music out with different musicians and DJ’s in Austria and China in the last few years. 

There is only two things in “  Water ’s  “ (  they call me so in China ) world that is unimpossible not to have:  Music & Nature –  It’s the highest peak of beauty & deepest point of inspriaton in my life … Further I am a vegetarian since many years, it made me a healthier & happier being …

Special Thanks to:

DJ Piotr ( Peter ) from Russia – based in Yunnan,  Thomas Dupond from france- based in Guangzhou / China,  Ma Jie  from China based in San Francisco / USA , DJ Markus Hollenstein from Austria/ Vienna,  Li Dai Guo (USA) – based in Yunnan , Krys Stenzel ( Polland ) – based in Guangzhou/ China,  Angela Stummer  ( Austria/ Vienna ) , DJ Jiang Liang from  China – based in Yangshuo/ Guangxi ,  Sebastian Haidutschek  ( Austria ) ,  Yan Yan Leung ( designer of my CD cover )



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